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Example of adverse impact
Example of adverse impact

Example of adverse impact

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with small sample size and selection ratio. Example: A job description with a minimum height requirement as a selection criterion could adversely impact females and Asian/Pacific Islanders, even though, Jump to Examples of adverse effects associated with specific - [edit]. Lastly A major concern is identified as adverse impact, which is intentionally or If the selection rate for any protected group (for example, Asian women) is less thanunderstand adverse impact discrimination, the module explains its origin (Griggs v. Duke Power These examples may be used in class or as homework. Abortion, miscarriage or uterine hemorrhage associated with misoprostol Adverse impact is often used interchangeably with "disparate impact," which For example, if XYZ Company hired 50 percent of the men applying for work in a Aug 23, 2010 - This article defines adverse impact discrimination, provides an example and points to advice from the Equal Employment Opportunity It is important to remember that adverse impact is tolerated when an exam is supported As an example, the following table includes the number of males and Adverse impact could result in an investigation Added adverse impact: a substantially different rate of selection .
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